Why YOU should support your local gourmet food truck…

The food truck revolution on the Gold Coast has become phenomenal, we never knew that when we started our designer markets just how involved with the street food trucks we would become. We have become friends with each and every single one of the gourmet foodies that join the Design Collective events and we go above and beyond to support and encourage them to succeed – each and everyday. But who are these foodies? Why should the general public support these guys. Well.. they are parents, dreamers, entrepreneurs, extremely talented chefs and they work their butts off to keep their businesses afloat. They create jobs for people on the Gold Coast, they are creating their own hours so that they can spend more time with their families and they are part of an incredibly supportive community that is taking the gourmet food culture on the Gold Coast by storm. So next time you see a food truck event, please consider supporting the mobile vendors! It means the absolute world to these guys! And think about the weeks on end when it rains every weekend (the main trade for these guys is weekend events) and they don’t have the convenience of a sheltered bricks and mortar store .

Because the food truck revolution has become SO enormous, the wait times at events can exceed any cafe or restaurant that you would go to, but there is a reason why the lines are enormous. AMAZING FOOD. A lot of the chefs behind the food trucks have years of experience, some are award winning  + they have travelled the world learning to create amazing dishes and by the time they have decided to build a food truck they have lovingly created a menu that they are truly proud of! When you support small business, over chain stores- you are supporting Gold Coast families in so many ways.

Get to know your favourite local food truck- you will love their inspirational stories on how they got started and you will appreciate all the hard work that goes into each dish.

And don’t forget the 3×3 marquee foodies, they are all saving their pennies to buy a food truck!!



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