The Design Collective is owned by dynamic duo ‘Matt Whalley & Kat Creasey’ these guys host ‘Must do’ events on the GC, Bris and Northern NSW with huge crowds following their online social media channels. They go above and beyond for their stall holders and customers with a vintage caravan that Matt has turned into a very cool stage to showcase local performers filled with groovy retro furniture for attendees of the events to relax on! ¬†They ‘pop up’ every weekend in a new place and the followers are loving what they do! Kat with a background in tourism, events, marketing, event management and a is a bit of a self confessed social media guru (nerd) works for several companies managing their accounts and is getting incredible traction and increased sales- fast. A friendly, professional team on a mission to support creatives on the coast by putting gourmet foodies, handmade stalls and vintage sellers¬†in front of a crowd that supports, encourages and enjoys community events.